preventing clothing waste | the cirkel life

Here at Cirkel Life we're passionate about preventing clothing waste going to landfill. One of the biggest problems with the fashion industry is what happens to the products once you don’t want them anymore

  • They’re ripped or torn– they go in the bin (eeek)
  • They’re not cool anymore – donate them 
    (this is definitely better but a lot still gets to landfill)
  • I don’t fit them anymore – I’ll swap with my friends 
    (This one’s awesome!!)

Did you know that of all the textiles produced in the world*

  • 12% are lost during manufacturing in the form of cutting and production waste,
  • 75% are sent to landfill by consumers
  • 12% are put back in the system through donating or recycling
  • 1% are regenerated into new fibre for new clothes 

At Cirkel Life we're trying to divert some of that and create change 

Step one:

We create our garments from re-cycled clothes that can’t be worn/sold/donated AND we buy/get gifted fashion off-cuts and fabric samples from the manufacturing process.

Step two: 

You our amazing customers buy the clothes you and your kids love!
Wear, wear, wear them, love them til they don’t fit anymore.

THEN – here’s the new part, send them back to Cirkel Life for a 15% discount on NEW STUFF that fits.

We will, clean/repair or deconstruct and recreate your pre-loved Cirkel Life gears and then sell them on in our sample/preloved collections to be re-loved again. It's that simple! You get a discount for completing the Cirkel and all the while making a very real change to the future.