Why, how and who...

Hello, hi and welcome to Cirkel Life

I’m Karlie a designer, patternmaker, sewer who’s worked within the fashion industry since ages ago and sees the need for change.

Having two mid-age kids (do NOT call them tweens!) with nothing to wear prompted me to combine two missions and set out to make sustainable clothes for kids from fashion discards, off-cuts, recycled clothes and fabrics.

Our Mission is to one day become a closed loop sustainable label that keeps our kids covered and the planet cool.

The Cirkel Life

What does that mean?

Our goal is to one day be a 100% sustainable closed loop brand. This is a HUGE task for any brand/label and not so easy to accomplish, but we're doing our absolute best and are hoping to improve along the way.

We start by collecting together a whole heap of off cuts, recycled, reclaimed and left over natural fabrics to fashion them into cool new clothes for our kids.

Our accessories – we use cotton thread, recycled zips and buttons.  Then there is the hard part... did you know modern elastic isn’t biodegradable?? This is something we’re researching for our future, it’s out there in Europe but still a bit too expensive for New Zealand right now.

Fabric care

We use mostly natural fibres so airing your clothes outside is often enough to restore freshness. Please think twice before washing, but when your garment gets kid level dirty we recommend using environmentally friendly detergents, cold water temperatures and line dry.